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Welcome To Ensophoria's

 "100 Days Of Heat"

Exclusive V.I.P Club! 


WASSUP KINGS AND QUEENS! Welcome to our exclusive members only club! You are about to witness my passion, dedication, determination and everlasting desire to create happiness.  Over the next 100 days I will be releasing100 songs, I am calling it 100 Days of Heat. Here is where you will have access to the music as it drops, new videos and upcoming events long before anyone else. If this is our first encounter my name is Young Dyno, I am Ensophoria's CEO/Hip-Hop Artist/Audio Engineer.  Welcome to the club, I am pumped that our paths have aligned! Since 2018 my goal has been to get "discovered" so that Ensophoria gains access to the same funding and opportunity's provided to independent label owners like J.Cole, Gucci Mane, or Young Dolph.  To accomplish this goal, we have to move a minimum of 75,000 total body units (sell 75,000 copies of an album/ EP) within a year.  If we do this the entertainment industry will label us "in demand" which will open those doors of opportunity mentioned above.  We are turning up the heat over these next 100 days to grow a community of at least 75,000 engaged supporters... it starts with one, so let’s get it! 

100 DAYS

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